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About RFF

Specialized in Tax and Business Law

RFF & Associados is the first Portuguese law firm specialized in tax law, customs law and corporate law (tax & business law ). Its practice is focused in legal and economic issues, more specifically on corporate and tax law matters from a domestic, Communitary and international perspective. The firm's practice is based in Portugal with a cross jurisdictional approach in, Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape-Verde, Timor and Macao.

The firm's lawyers have originated from diverse backgrounds, but have become accustomed to working together over the years - in law firms, on working groups, or in other state or private entities and associations, and have now come together in this common project.

Working alongside RFF & Associados too are several external consultants with different training backgrounds, in addition to the lawyers and other local lawyers in Portuguese-speaking countries.

RFF & Associados seeks to foster lasting relations - of trust and sharing - and to provide the proper legal solutions for the very specific needs of each one of its clients, whether individuals or businesses. It seeks to anticipate situations, foresee problems and provide dedicated and competent advice and assistance - legal, business and fiscal. It is therefore committed to the quality and efficiency of the services rendered, acting with diligence, dedication, enthusiasm and competence, and in strict compliance with the highest moral values and ethical standards.

RFF Sociedade de advogados - Rogerio Fernandes Ferreira & Advogados

RFF Tax & Law Team

RFF has a team of lawyers and consultants, Portuguese interns and national and international local correspondents, with diverse skills and specialization of practice areas. Strongly specialized in tax law and corporate law in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape-Verde, Brazil, São Tomé and Principe, China and Macao.

Our lawyers are experts in tax law and have extensive experience in the conjugation of tax and corporate solutions, providing legal services in what concerns:

  • legal advice to the daily needs of businesses and new investment opportunities
  • golden visa regime, related to the investment activities eligible: Property acquisition, purchase of financial assets, job creation and capital investments.
  • succession planning and business support
  • restructuring of either individual or family assets, and corporate restructures

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